Thomas Jefferson once said, “The nation that expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization expects what never has been and never will be.” Jefferson believed that learning and democracy went hand in hand. An effective democracy demands educated citizens who can make informed and wise decisions. Whether it is voting on a local issue or understanding the workings of government to protect your interests, social studies education is essential for us all.

Scope and Sequence for Grades Kindergarten through 4

Kindergarten: Many Roles in Living, Learning, and Working Together
Grade 1: Leadership, Cooperation, Unity, and Diversity
Grade 2: Global Geography: Places and People, Cultures, and Resources
Grade 3: Massachusetts Geography, History, and Peoples
Grade 4: Regions of the United States and Early Exploration of North America

Scope and Sequence for Grades 5 through 8

Grade 5: American History from Early Colonization to Civil War and Reconstruction and the Civil Rights Movement
Grade 6: Ancient Civilizations
Grade 7: World Geography
Grade 8: U.S. and Massachusetts Civics and Government Life

Scope and Sequence for Grades 9 through 12

Grade 9: United States History (1800-1920)
Grade 10: World Studies
Grade 11: United States History (1920-present)
Grade 12: Elective Course Offerings and Adv. Placement Courses

Additional Information

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Gorman Lee, Director of Social Studies K-12, at 781-848-4000, ext. 7835 orĀ email Dr. Gorman Lee.