Braintree Public Schools
Social Studies Department

Exploratory Certificate Program to Promote Local History & Community Service
Braintree Historical Society and Braintree High School

Braintree Historical Society and Braintree High School Social Studies Department are excited to offer a unique learning experience opportunity for Braintree High School seniors starting in Fall 2015.

Interested students will serve as volunteer interns at the Braintree Historical Society during the 2015-16 school year. As interns, students will identify and pursue a project idea that aligns with the goals of the Braintree Historical Society. Some of the goals include, but not limited to, raising awareness of local history preservation, expanding outreach and public relations with the community, and organizing and cataloging historical artifacts for academic, professional, and genealogical research.

Through this experience, students will learn the roles and responsibilities of a professional historian. Students will be able to develop the skills of examining, cataloging, and analyzing historical artifacts, and to write authentic historical narratives about the town of Braintree, and about the people who lived here and who helped make this town to what it is today.

Students will also develop and acquire entrepreneurial undertakings such as brainstorming, proposing, planning, and implementing new project ideas to enhance and improve this very important institution.

Interested students may start as early as Summer 2015 by volunteering and working at the Braintree Historical Society.

In order to identify a project idea, students will need to become familiar with the Braintree Historical Society organization, its purpose, and its importance and value to the Braintree community. Students must commit to attend two-hour seminars (12p-2p) offered by Braintree Historical Society on the four early release days: October 7, November 3, January 27, and March 2. Seminars will likely be held at the Thayer House or at Braintree High School.

In the summer of 2016, students will be eligible and encouraged to conduct guided tours of Braintree’s historical sites, particularly the Sylvanus Thayer Birthplace and Gilbert Bean Museum or conduct a walking tour of historic Braintree. Students will also be able to serve as peer mentors to incoming high school seniors joining the program.

At the conclusion of the program, students shall receive a certificate of commendation and community service from the Braintree Historical Society. Students will also be able to accrue community service hours. Students, however, may continue their service with the Braintree Historical Society as a valued volunteering member of the Society.

For more information about summer opportunities at Braintree Historical Society, please contact John Dennehy at